Customise direct link


You can add the filename (or any name) along with the extension of the file to the end of the your file's direct link. So, what was originally:🎻%20Genshin%20playlist/【原神】胡桃:啊对对对对.mp4

... can also be written as:【原神】胡桃:啊对对对对.mp4?path=/🎻%20Genshin%20playlist/【原神】胡桃:啊对对对对.mp4


  • The parameter name can be literally anything and it will not affect the direct link.
  • The parameter path is the path of the file in the drive, and the /api/raw route redirects you to the direct link of the file.
  • We are only using the parameter name to add a valid filename and extension into the API request, so that the URL ends with the filename. (Query parameters does not count.)

Customise direct link


In order to embed your files, especially videos, into some services (e.g. Notion), the file extension is required to be present in the URL, so that the service can identify the resource correctly.

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