Updating to the latest version

Basically, you are syncing a fork of a repository to keep your repository up-to-date with my upstream repository. So, check out GitHub - Syncing a fork.

From the Web UI

  • On GitHub, navigate to the main page of the forked repository that you want to sync with the upstream repository.
  • Select the Fetch upstream drop-down.
  • Review the details about the commits from the upstream repository, then click Fetch and merge.
  • If the changes from the upstream repository cause conflicts, GitHub will prompt you to create a pull request to resolve the conflicts.

Command line

Clone the forked repo locally and:

# Fetch upstream changes
git fetch upstream

# Checkout your fork's local default branch - main
git checkout main

# Merge upstream changes into your fork
git merge upstream/main

# If there are conflicts - manually resolve them locally
# Commit changes and push to GitHub
git commit -m "xxx"
git push